New posting schedule and RFI (Request for Ideas)

It’s a new year and time for an Emergence publication frequency change! From now on the plan will be weekly, each Sunday.

One of the reasons for the change is to encourage feedback from all since there won’t be as many posts to read. Also, I am soliciting ideas from “the community” (read TS) for dialog consideration. In these cases, I would frame the topic for open-ended discussion. In a sense, it would be like a blog version of the great Dr. Laura Arrowsmith’s weekly group meetings. She frames a topic and there is wonderful sharing and learning. Above all, I desire that this blog touches lives WITH HOPE as I capture heart snapshots of my amazing transition.

I’m writing this while listening to Sunday night live jazz around an outside pool and tropical garden setting at a quality Key West inn. The owner and other women have commented how nice I look in my LBD and ME’s “New Day” silk scarf. Talk about a dream come true? 🙂 I love life!

~ The week ~
LB and I went to the Green Parrot, one of the top 10 bars in America. We got there early and had the best seats for Donna the Buffalo’s jazz-rock fusion, ala facon Grateful Dead. I was smiling all night (they played until 3 a.m.) and was a magnet for guys! One in particular nestled in behind me, his bar stoll up against mine, straddled me and was quite pleased as he held my slim waist and I swayed rhthmatically to the music. He was allowed to do this as long as he bought me wine!

The next night, LB fixed a wonderful Indian meal for some friends and I helped, including making my classic Caesar Salad! We went to an art show opening the following night. Then came Saturday.

Beginning in the warm early afternoon, I wore my pink halter with a pink peasant skirt and a new pair of aqua OkaB sandals a Vera Bradley-type playfully colorful bag. I first went to the independent film theatre to look for the brother of a friend. I missed him but connected with his staff. I’d like to volunteer there.

Then I felt like I should walk down the beginning part of Duval I haven’t yet explored. A kiosk owner stopped me, said I had elegance and beauty, and as a gift, tatoo-painted a heart on the top of my left breast (my choice of location). Then he brought me a bottle of wine after he closed last night! We talked and kissed for hours.

Back to yesterday afternoon, I continued on my wandering way towards the wharf, feeling good about myself at this moment… I have numerous good and bad moments in a day! I thought, LB brought me here last night because of an ESPN area on the wharf nearby that was roped off and she pointed out a restaurant she recommended as a good work match for me. It’s been three months since I came to Key West and my savings are drained. I need to find work to get back to Tulsa and rent a place to live. Now it was 4 p.m. on Saturday… a good time to drop in and say “Hi!”, I thought. I walked up the steps and into the restaurant. No bosses were there so this wonderful bartender took me outside and down to their office in vain and then out on the pier to a high bar table where she found the manager and GM.

So here I am, this bubbly, confident cutie with a freshly-painted heart on one of her prominent breasts, graciously and suddenly entering the lives of these two men. The manager said, “Your timing is impeccable. We were just discussing adding another server by the holiday.” Uhh… I think this was a set up! I gave my resume and cover letter to the GM and encouraged them to hire me in the next couple weeks before someone else does. I mentioned that no one has a greater desire to serve than I and I also have technical and writing skills to where I could help with web site maintenance and editing. “Use me!”, I said. It was like we were all so pleased to see each other! As I sashayed off the pier with my young-spirited peasant skirt dancing around me I felt like I was walking on air.

Today LB and I went to the final sessions of the literary society seminar. It was perfect to relax in the San Carlos Theatre and listen to poets and authors read their works and then discuss playing God as they scribe. Very interesting!

Then, as I mentioned, we went to enjoy some wine and listen to live jazz. One woman, a writer, invited us to join her and a girlfriend for some dancing this coming week. That will be interesting!

LB treated me to dinner and on the way back to the car we stopped to throw some darts. There it happened again… For the third time in five days, there’s a guy hanging over me, buying me wine, telling me sweet things and touching me! My goodness… I need a strategy to gently brush these men away! I don’t want to hurt their feelings so I respond graciously yet cautiously but it just seems to fuel their goal of manhandling me! Help!

Wow… What a week!
See you next time.

~ Jane

1,300 miles away this Christmas, my son Benjamin and his and Miriam's son, Jonah Patrick. It's all good!


Generation to generation - Benjamin to Jonah

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